April 12, 2016



Space Battle Core: A Game Produced & Developed by KORION GmbH

Creative Director:

Oliver Korn

Programming Lead:

Michael Blatz


Jakob Schaal
Christian Heller
Thorsten Rehbogen
Frank Schillinger
Robert Konrad
Kilian Roth

Graphics Lead:

Adrian Rees

Graphic Artists:

Lukas Stamm
Camille Ruiz
Till Marzahn
Melanie Hoffmann

Sound Lead:

Michael Blatz

Sound Designer:

Oliver Heise

2 thoughts on “About

  • Good afternoon

    I just bumped into your game “” on the steam store. I would like to know if you would like to translate your game into spanish. I would do it for free, since I recently finished my studies and I’m looking for practical experience on this field.
    Literary & multimedia translation is my specialization, that’s why I chose this game. But I need first to build my portfolio and to get references. And that usually means working for free. So why not helping a little indie team, considering that I love videogames?

    I have translated several videogames on the steam platform already. Some of these translations have already been published, some haven’t yet.

    -Stay Close (released)
    -Soulless: Rays of hope (released)
    -Near Death
    -Detective Hank
    -7 Magues
    -Quern Undying Thoughts (In progress)
    -Cayne (in progress)

    Thanks for your time

    • Thank you for your interest in our game and your generous offer to translate it into Spanish. We have checked with our publisher and would gladly accept your offer. We are always searching for ways to collaborate with the community and we think that a Spanish translation will benefit the game greatly. (For example, we are currently in contact with a Spanish youtuber who would like to promote the game on his channel…).
      Of course there will be a place in our Credits and a few free game keys for you as – at least – a small reward.

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